Dive Sites

Nalusuan Island and Marine Sanctuary

Nalusuan is one of our best dive sites as it has a bit of everything fom a gentle slope on one side to a wall on the other side with a coral garden on top of the wall with wonderful coloured corals and a amazing variety of fish to see , it’s one of our further dives sites and takes about 45 minutes by boat to get there.

Marigondon Cave Mactan Island

Marigondon cave is only for Advance divers as it’s at 28m , the cave opening is big around 12m by 15m wide and going inside to the end of the cave is about 70m , we have 12 minutes inside the cave and after exiting the cave we ascend to the top of the wall to watch all the air we expelled inside the cave coming out of the ground above the cave  which to me is always facinating to watch.

Gilutongon Island Marine Sanctuary

Gilutongon Island is a wall dive with a sheer wall starting at about 9m and going down to around 50m with big ferns schools of Batfish and large Jacks are one og the high lights of this dive site.

Talima and Baring Marine Sanctuaries Olango Island

Talima and Baring are at the north end of Olango and both offer a wall with many coloured soft and hard corals to see and an abundance of fish from a school of Jacks ,Baracuda ,Grouper (Lapu Lapu) local name ,Bannerfish to name a few.

Tambuli Airplane Wreck Mactan Island

The airplane at Tambuli is about 19m with a large door to enter and swim out through the front window always good for photos , depending on the direction of the current ons side has a wall and the other a wall and slope .

Kontiki Reef Mactan Island

Kontiki is a small resort with a nice wall dive good for beginners with discovery scuba and Open Water courses and has a large school of sardines.

Agus and Hadsan Mactan Island

Agus and Hadsan are wall dives with giant ferns and many Nudibranches and Scorpion fish to be spotted.

Shangri-La Reef Marine Sanctuary Mactan Island

Shangri-La has a bit of everything on it’s reef sitting just off the shore infront of the hotel.

San Vincente Marine Sancturay Olango Island

San Vincente is in the middle of Olango island and is part wall and gentle slope with a large school of Batfish corals and a good place to see Eagle Ray                                                                           

PCR  Mactan Island                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PCR is a wall dive with large zodiac signs at different depths along the wall with lots of corals and fish especially large schools of catfish